Russia-Azerbaijan railway border crossings to be simplified

Russia-Azerbaijan railway border crossings to be simplified

Yarag-Kazmalyar railway border crossing point Russia’s Republic of Dagestan can be simplified, and funds are currently allocated for improving this checkpoint, Russia's Deputy Minister for the North Caucasus Olga Rukhullayeva said at the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi.

According to her, funds were allocated this year for funding the construction works next year for the improvement of the Yarag-Kazmalyar checkpoint located not far from Derbent, adding that this will increase and simplify the passenger flow.

“It is also planned to negotiate a faster clearance of the border crossing of trains, in the same way as we have with Finland,” TASS cited Rukhullayeva as saying.

The minister added that a simplified regime of border crossing between Russia and Azerbaijan will make creating an international tourist route possible, which "will immediately stimulate tourist exchange between Azerbaijan and Russia’s Caspian regions."


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