Russia Resumes Flights With Ethiopia and Seychelles

Russia Resumes Flights With Ethiopia and Seychelles

Russia has resumed flights with Ethiopia and Seychelles, the Russian government said on Friday, Sputnik reports.

Flights to Ethiopia will be conducted on the Moscow — Addis Ababa route three times a week and to Seychelles on the Moscow — Victoria route twice a week.

"For citizens of Ethiopia and Seychelles, restrictions on entry to Russia, introduced to prevent the spread of COVID-19, are lifted. The order was approved by the government," the statement says.

Citizens of these countries, as well as holders of a residence permit, can freely fly to Russia. In turn, Russians can also fly to either of these countries.

"The decision was made on the basis of the previously announced epidemiological criteria (40 new cases of the coronavirus infection within 14 days per 100,000 population, no more than 1 percent of daily increase in new cases in 14 days and the incidence ration of the new coronavirus infection not exceeding 1 in 7 days) and based on the principles of reciprocity," the government explained.

Russia also increased the number of flights to Kazakhstan, the United Arab Emirates, Cuba and the Maldives, the government said.

"It was decided to increase the number of flights to Kazakhstan (on the Moscow — Nur-Sultan route to three flights a week and on the Moscow — Almaty route to two flights a week), the United Arab Emirates (to seven flights a week, taking into account the reduction in passenger traffic to Turkey), to Cuba (to four flights a week) and Maldives (to eight flights a week)," the statement says.


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