Russia, Ukraine resume Vienna talks on new gas transit deal

Russia, Ukraine resume Vienna talks on new gas transit deal

The delegations of Ukraine and Russia resumed their work to agree the text of a new gas transit deal, Head of the Ukrainian Gas Transportation System Operator Sergei Makogon said on Sunday, TASS reports.

"We are beginning the next day of negotiations. The aim is to finalize all the agreements," he wrote on his Facebook page.

Head of Ukraine's Naftogaz oil and gas company Andrei Kobolev earlier said that the Russian and Ukrainian sides had so far been unable to agree on the texts of gas transit agreements.

He said, however, that "certain progress has been made."

According to the Naftogaz chief, three documents are being discussed. One of them is a deal between Ukraine’s new gas transit system operator, the Gas Transportation System Operator of Ukraine, and Gazprom, which sets out technical procedures and rules of interaction between the operators.

Besides, the negotiators are working on an agreement to organize transit between Naftogaz and Gazprom, and on a settlement agreement, in which both companies waive their claims regarding the 2009 contracts.


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