Russia and Azerbaijan strengthen transport links

Russia and Azerbaijan strengthen transport links

A solemn ceremony to send the first subway railcars for the Baku Metro to Azerbaijan was held in Moscow today. The event was attended by Transmashholding CEO Kirill Lipa, Azerbaijani ambassador to Russia Polad Bulbul oglu, chairman of Baku Metro CJSC Zaur Huseynov and Metrovagonmash CEO Boris Bogatyrev.

The agreement to supply 30 subway railcars (81-765/766 model) to Baku was signed in January. In accordance with the agreement, six trains will be built for the Baku subway by the end of 2019.

The Baku subway will be replenished with new railcars that have been manufactured by Russia’s Mytishchi Machine-Building Plant since 2017. Compared with the rolling stock of previous models, passengers can freely move from one railcar to another in the new trains.

Besides, a new light warning system is used when the doors are opening or closing in the trains. The trains have good noise and heat insulation, the railcars are equipped with air conditioning and ventilation systems, sockets for charging passengers’ electronic devices. The first and last railcars of the new trains have places for wheelchairs and bicycles.

According to the the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza, the ceremony was opened by Kirill Lipa. "We are very pleased that we have an opportunity to once again demonstrate our equipment. When you are a manufacturer, there is nothing more satisfying than receiving orders from the same customers. This indicates that they trust us and the equipment we produce. This is undoubtedly the greatest praise and the very foundation of our production and development of our company. Therefore, I congratulate everyone and thank dear Zaur Huseynov for coming here and signing these contracts. You give us possibility to work and produce our subway cars," he said.

Ambassador Polad Bulbul oglu, congratulating everyone on Eid al-Fitr, thanked the staff of Metrovagonmash for their work. "Your high-quality products are highly respected all over the world, including in Azerbaijan. Over 600,000 people are transported to Baku every day, and thanks to your products, passengers have the opportunity to comfortably move around in the city of three million people," he noted,

"I came here with great pleasure because I know that there are very hospitable people here, good production and it is always interesting to be here. Being an ambassador, I would like to emphasize that we highly value our relations with Russia in all the spheres. Our relations are beneficial to people. I would like to thank all those who make these beautiful cars," the ambassador said.

Metrovagonmash JSC has been supplying rolling stock to the capital of Azerbaijan since 1967. About 300 subway cars of the Mytishchi plant are currently operated in the Baku subway. 


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