Russia and Belarus triumph at Trampolining World Cup in Baku

Russia and Belarus triumph at Trampolining World Cup in Baku

Today, Russian and Belarusian national teams were triumphant at the FIG World Cup in Trampoline Gymnastics, held in Baku for the first time: together, they took eight medals out of 12.

For example, Russian gymnast Dmitry Ushakov became the World Cup champion in the individual program, showing the best result of 61.345 points, and in pair with Nikita Fedorenko, he became champion in the synchronized program, gaining 49.9 points. In the women's synchronized program, Russians Yana Pavlova and Victoria Voronina won "bronze" with a result of 46 points.

The Belarusian national team bypassed the Russians by two medals. Ganna Garchonak became two-time champion: in the individual program with a result of 54.81 points, and in synchronized with Tatiana Pyatrenya, with a result of 47.5 points. Tatiana Pyatrenya herself took silver in the individual program (54.715 points). Vladislav Goncharov earned silver medals twice, in the individual program (59.7 points) and in synchronized (49.8 points, in pair with Nikolai Kazak).

Two medals went to Portugal, bronze for men's individual performances (Diego Concini, 58.995 points) and bronze for men's synchronized (Diego Concini and Diego Abreu, 48.6 points).

The national team of Ukraine (silver of Marina Kiyko and Natalia Moskvina for synchronized program with 46.7 points) and Great Britain (bronze of Kat Driscoll for individual program with 54.47 points) won one medal each.


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