Russia and Turkey begin joint patrols in Syria

Russia and Turkey begin joint patrols in Syria

Turkish and Russian troops have begun joint patrols in northern Syria, Turkey's Ministry of National Defence said.

About 300 Russian soldiers and 20 armoured vehicles arrived in northern Syria today where the Russian police together with Turkey were carrying out joint patrols of the area, Sputnik reported.

On October 9, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the launch of Operation Peace Spring in northern Syria.

On October 22, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Erdogan, signed a memorandum on joint actions in northeastern Syria. Under the arrangement, the Russian military police and Syrian military were to be moved into the areas bordering the zone of Turkey’s operation in Syria as of noon of October 23. The Kurdish forces had 150 hours to vacate the 30-kilometer wide strip of land along the Turkish border. 


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