Russia and US trade increasing trade turnover

Russia and US trade increasing trade turnover

The US-Russia trade turnover has increased by 15-17% this year, the Russian Trade Representative in the United States Aleksander Stadnik said.

"We expect the year-end results to show that trade turnover has risen by 15-17%. We will aim for at least 20% next year," Stadnik said, adding that this year’s results indicate an increase of about 2.7 billion dollars in trade turnover as compared to 2016.

Stadnik noted that non-commodity goods account for about 97.5% of Russian exports to the US. "At the same time, there is growth in exports of our non-commodity, non-energy goods by almost 20%, high-tech goods by more than 42%, innovative goods by 28%, and machinery and technical products by almost 22%. Commodity exports, despite only amounting to 2.5%, have also grown by more than 20%," Sputnik cited him as saying,

The representative noted that Russia’s imports from the US are almost 100% non-commodity goods, which grew by 16.5% this year.


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