Russia breaks records of gas exports

Russia breaks records of gas exports

Gazprom broke the absolute daily record for exporting gas to non-CIS countries, the information department of PJSC Gazprom reported.

"The second day in a row, Gazprom improves the maximum historical indicator of the daily gas exports to non-CIS countries," Interfax reports.

According to the company, the new absolute record is equal to 645.7 million cubic meters, it exceeds the previous peak value (645.1 million cubic meters), registered on February 21, by 0.6 million cubic meters.

The weather in Europe is getting colder, the February temperatures will continue to fall, which makes it possible to count on further growth of the natural gas demand.

Earlier, Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller said that the previous year, the holding increased gas production by 12.4% compared to 2016 - to 472 billion cubic meters, the gas exports to Europe increased by 8.1%, and amounted to 193,6 billion cubic meters.