Russia can rename all civil aircraft

Russia can rename all civil aircraft

Russia can rename all civil aircraft it produces to create a united brand for them, CEO of United Aircraft Corporation Yury Slyusar said.

According to him, rebranding consists of a correct market positioning of an entity which will be engaged in developing, producing and selling civil aircraft and in the right approach to the naming of products of this division. 

"Perhaps, the target model is a united line with a united naming of all planes. At least, this is a practice customary for the civil aircraft market,” PRIME cited Slyusar as saying.

CEO of United Aircraft Corporation noted that the program will encompass Irkut, which produces MC-21 and Sukhoi Civil Aircraft making Sukhoi Superjet 100.

He said that a new, upgraded version of Sukhoi Superjet 100 will have Russia-made engines, a new wing and other parts. 

“The Superjet family continues to develop and get better. Several processes of safety, potential of the airframe and systems, a downward price change with an increase of quality, imports replacement of some of the key assemblage units were launched. The last is the key task. Besides, the plane will get a new wing in the next version, new domestic engines,” Slyusar added.