Russia celebrates Diplomats’ Day

Russia celebrates Diplomats’ Day

On 10 February each year the Russian diplomatic service celebrates its professional holiday – Russian Diplomats’ Day, which was established by the Presidential Decree in 2002., reports.

The date is closely associated with the history of Russia’s first foreign affairs agency – the Ambassadorial Department established on 10 February 1549. In 1718-1720 it was gradually transformed into the Collegium of Foreign affairs by Emperor Peter the Great. 

In 1802, the modern form of foreign policy management – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – was created by the manifesto of Emperor Alexander I.

After the October revolution, under the decree of the new government the People’s Commissariat of Foreign Affairs was organised but in 1946 returned its name of a Ministry.

Today, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs consists of several thousand employees of the Central Office in Moscow, more than 200 foreign offices around the world (Embassies, Consulates, etc.) and about 40 regional offices in the Russian Federation.

Russian Diplomats’ Day gives a good opportunity to highlight main international events and summarise the results of Russia’s diplomatic efforts during the previous year.


Vestnik Kavkaza

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