Russia defeated United States in Syria

Russia defeated United States in Syria

In the process of the Syrian conflict settlement America has lost leadership and turned into observer, Moscow currently has the leading role.

"The United States are bitter about the fact that bloodshed in Syria lasts for several years already, and now they become a bystander of ongoing civil war," Associated Press article says.

In particular, although Secretary of State John Kerry periodically holds talks with Russian, Turkish and Arab foreign ministers on the efforts to establish a ceasefire, also holding consultations with the Syrian opposition from time to time, now, a little less than two weeks before Donald Trump's inauguration, the Obama administration has abandoned attempts to argue that it has a leading position in the peace talks, which it controlled for several years.

"Russia and, to a lesser extent, Turkey and Iran have leading roles," TASS cites the article.

After completing operation in Aleppo, as a result of which Syrian army was able to oust militants out of the city, Moscow holds the position of a peacemaker.

"Considering the fact that there are no signals regarding what steps Trump's new administration plans to take in Syria, US diplomats are wary of participating in any initiatives that require prolonged American involvement," Associated Press explains.