Russia develops three drugs that can help treat coronavirus

Russia develops three drugs that can help treat coronavirus

Three antiviral drugs that can be used to treat COVID-19 were developed in Russia in conjunction with scholars from the Russian Academy of Sciences; the academy's vice president and head of the biomedical sciences unit Vladimir Chekhonin said.

He recalled that the antiviral drug triazavirin was created several years ago at the Institute of Organic Synthesis at the Urals branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. This drug is now being tested by Chinese scientists for its ability to treat COVID-19.

“As of today, a special inhalant is ready, which can be used exclusively to treat viral respiratory infections. I am sure that it will be more than appropriate to treat COVID-19. And of course, having this option is extremely important in the current circumstances,” the academician said.

Chekhonin also stated that another drug, based on the Japanese-made antiviral treatment favipiravir, has been created by the Institute of Organic Synthesis in conjunction with the Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry in Moscow. This drug has been adapted to meet Russian standards, he said.

“As far as I know, this drug is ready to be tested in specialized clinics in Russia,” Sputnik cited Chekhonin as saying.

Another viral drug, fortepren, has also passed clinical trials and should be assessed for its ability to treat COVID-19. “As for fortepren, it has passed all its clinical trials, that is, it was even tested in humans. It is currently awaiting registration, after which it can be submitted for trials to see if it can treat COVID-19,” the academy's vice president stressed.


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