Russia expects Armenia to sign peace treaty with Azerbaijan

Russia expects Armenia to sign peace treaty with Azerbaijan

By now, the positions of the parties to the resolved Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict on the post-war settlement have become completely clear: Azerbaijan wants Armenia to sign a peace treaty that would forever resolve any differences and "controversial moments" on the coexistence of the two states, while Armenia, despite its surrender, seeks to consolidate the current status quo and maintain a "no peace, no war" regime. What is the position of the mediator - Russia?

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday during Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev's working visit to Moscow that Russia is striving to establish a full-fledged peace between Baku and Yerevan. At the same time, Putin emphasized that Russia and Azerbaijan are primarily striving to move along this path to peace in the South Caucasus, and Baku demonstrates its readiness to negotiate and make compromises, which is very important for achieving the goal.

"A settlement in the region remains one of the most important issues. I know that you certainly pay a lot of attention to this important matter, and I would like to thank you for finding compromise solutions in this area. They are always the most complicated ones, but if we want a settlement – and we all want it – we must follow this path. Up to now, we have managed to do this, and I would like to thank you for this," the Russian leader said.

According to the Azerbaijani leader, during his visit to Moscow on Tuesday, he discussed the situation in the region with Russian President Vladimir Putin. "We discussed the post-war situation in the region, including the Zangezur Corridor and the post-conflict period. We do not have disagreements in terms of approaches. We, Russia and Azerbaijan, believe that the war is over, the conflict is over," Aliyev told the Azerbaijani state television on Thursday.

"As for the Zangezur corridor, I informed Mr. Putin that Armenia is again insincere on the issue. At a press conference with Mr. Charles Michel (President of the EU Council), I stated that all communications in the region should be opened simultaneously and no selective approach should be applied in the matter. But we see that Armenia once again wants to play some kind of game here," the Azerbaijani president noted.
According to him, the Zangezur corridor should be opened as set forth in Paragraph 9 of the trilateral agreement of November 10, 2020.
Touching upon the bilateral relations with the Russian Federation, Aliyev called Azerbaijan and Russia "strategic partners". "We are maintaining strong friendly ties and personally I have very close relations with Mr. Putin, we are politicians who trust each other," Aliyev said.

"We have sent a note to Armenia, a [draft] peace agreement … I have repeatedly said that we are ready and let us start the talks. Is the war over? Over! Do you want peace, Armenia? It seems that yes! Then why would not you like to sign a peace agreement! Recognize our territorial integrity, sign a peace agreement and settle the border delimitation issue. In this regard, our agenda is in line with the EU, Turkish and Russian agenda," Ilham Aliyev concluded.


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