Russia hopeful Germany to stick with Nord Stream 2 - envoy

Russia hopeful Germany to stick with Nord Stream 2 - envoy

Moscow is hoping that the German government will remain committed to implementation of Nord Stream 2, a major gas pipeline project, Russian Ambassador to Germany Sergei Nechayev said in an interview with Germany’s Berliner Zeitung.

"It [Nord Stream 2] adheres to all European regulations and obtained all the necessary permits," the diplomat recalled. He then underlined that Germany will not be able to meet its energy demands by only employing renewables. "Of course, Germany and the EU should themselves determine their energy security. We mustn’t accept the fact that U.S. senators send letters containing threats to European companies and bodies," Nechayev noted. "The German government has so far stuck to implementation of the project, we are hoping that it will stay that way," the envoy said.

Nechayev emphasized that Russia’s critics in Germany and the US often say that not everyone in Eastern Europe would want to see Moscow and Berlin getting closer to each other. "Economic interests play an important role here, as Poland itself wants to become Europe’s energy center and, therefore, opposes Nord Stream 2," the diplomat added. 

"Of course, we regret this anti-Russian policy, which is now followed by the government in Warsaw," TASS cited him as saying.

"As for Nord Stream 2, it is an international commercial project," Nechayev said, noting that "blackmail attempts should not be tolerated in international relations."


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