Russia intends to strengthen cooperation with LAS in fight against terrorism

Russia intends to strengthen cooperation with LAS in fight against terrorism

Russian President Vladimir Putin urged the League of Arab States (LAS) to fight against terrorism along the efforts for the political settlement in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and other hotbeds of tension.

"This, of course, is linked with the fact that many of the problems, with which the region of the Middle East and North Africa is confronted, have seriously exacerbated lately," Putin said.

"We can see the weakening of state institutions in a whole number of countries, the aggravation of social and economic difficulties, the escalation of extremism and religious intolerance. All this makes ever more in demand the constructive role of the League of Arab States as an important mechanism of a multilateral dialog and collective decision-making," the Russian president said.

"Russia is ready to strengthen in every possible way its interaction with the Arab League in ensuring regional security, first of all, in the struggle against the threat of international terrorism," TASS cited Putin as saying.

Moscow also intends to continue providing all possible assistance to the solution of the Palestinian problem, "acting both via bilateral channels and in various multilateral formats," the Russian president said.

"We consider the current status quo as unacceptable and stand for creating conditions for the quickest reset of the negotiation process that will be aimed at establishing an independent, viable, territorially integral Palestinian state with its capital in East Jerusalem, peacefully co-existing with its neighbors," Putin said.


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