Russia is priority of Azerbaijan's export

 Russia is priority of Azerbaijan's export

Azerbaijan highly appreciates the level of trade and economic relations with Russia and plans to increase them in the future, the head of the Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation (AZPROMO), Rufat Mammadov, said, speaking with a correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza.

"We are pleased with the trade-economic cooperation with Russia in 2016, and intend to strengthen it: this year we have great plans for the comprehensive development of relations. Laying the foundation of the Russian-Azerbaijani pharmaceutical plant near Baku in Pirallahi was one of the key events last year within the framework of bilateral economic contacts. Undoubtedly, the plant will serve the development of the health sector," he stressed.

Rufat Mammadov also drew attention to the priority of Russia as an export destination for Azerbaijani goods. "Azerbaijan will seek to achieve an increase in export of goods under the 'Made in Azerbaijan' brand in the post-Soviet countries. At the same time Russia for us is a number one destination. We also strive to enter the Kazakh market, work in this direction has already begun, and we will also continue developing relations with China and the countries of Eastern Europe," he said.

"In Russia, we have close trade and economic ties with Stavropol. In addition, we are actively cooperating in the framework of the Business Council, where we are looking for a mutually beneficial areas of cooperation. Our goal is not only to export fruits and vegetables, but also develop mutual investments of Russia and Azerbaijan," Mammadov concluded.

Earlier, the deputy head of the Ministry of Economy of Azerbaijan Sahil Babayev said that Azerbaijan's first trade mission will be opened in Russia.

"Russia is Azerbaijan's main trading partner, therefore, it is logical that the first trade representative of the republic will be there," the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza cited him as saying.


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