Russia may build two more NPP in Iran

Russia may build two more NPP in Iran

The AEOI head Ali Akbar Salehi said that the construction of two nuclear power plants with $10 billion  worth of investment will soon begin on President Rouhani’s orders.

The NPP in the Iranian Bushehr province was built by Russian specialists in the compliance with the contract signed between the two countries in 1995. In August 2012, the Bushehr NPP was fully commissioned.

At the beginning of November 2014, Russia and Iran signed a set of agreements on the construction of eight more atomic power units in Iran.

At the beginning of this year’s May, Rosatom’s official said that Russia is ready to start designing the Bushehr NPP-2 in Iran before the end of 2016 when the two sides coordinate parameters of the future NPP site.

Construction of the third power unit may be launched within the next two years. Overall investments in the project are estimated at $11 billion.