Russia records 27,747 new daily COVID-19 cases

Russia records 27,747 new daily COVID-19 cases

The number of coronavirus cases in Russia rose by 27,747 to 3,159,297 in the past 24 hours, the anti-coronavirus crisis center said.

A total of 26,513 cases were identified in the country on Wednesday.

In particular, 6,566 cases were recorded in Moscow in the past day (up from 5,105 the day before), 3,758 in St. Petersburg, 1,487 in the Moscow Region (the lowest number since December 18), 501 in the Nizhny Novgorod Region, 394 in the Sverdlovsk Region and 392 in the Pskov Region.

There are currently 547,938 active coronavirus cases in Russia.

According to data from the crisis center, the coronavirus growth rate has been at or below 0.9% for five days.

In the past 24 hours, 28,922 COVID-19 patients were released from hospitals in Russia, pushing the total recovery count to 2,554,340, the anti-coronavirus crisis center told journalists Thursday.

The recovery count has surpassed the new cases count in the country for the second day in a row. The recovery rate has increased to total 80.9% of all cases, TASS reported.

In particular, 6,076 patients were discharged in Moscow, 3,573 in St. Petersburg, 1,502 in the Moscow Region, 566 in Crimea, 496 in the Krasnoyarsk Region and 464 in the Rostov Region.

The number of coronavirus-related fatalities in Russia increased by 593 in the past 24 hours, compared to 599 on the previous day, taking the total to 57,019, according to the national anti-coronavirus crisis center. The provisional death rate has remained at 1.8%.

In particular, St. Petersburg recorded 84 fatalities followed by the Voronezh Region (28), the Rostov Region (28), the Krasnoyarsk Region (21) and the Moscow Region (18).