Russia reports 5,394 COVID-19 cases in 24 hours

Russia reports 5,394 COVID-19 cases in 24 hours

Russia’s coronavirus cases grew by 5,394 in the past 24 hours, pushing the total number of the infected to 856,264, the anti-coronavirus crisis center said on Monday.

In particular, 693 cases were recorded in Moscow, 196 in the Sverdlovsk Region, 172 in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region, while the Moscow Region and St. Petersburg reported 160 new cases each.

According to the crisis center, the daily growth rate is 0.6%. The lowest daily growth rates were recorded in the Nenets Autonomous Region (0%), the Chukotka autonomous region (0%), the Karachay-Circassian Region (0.2%), North Ossetia (0.2%) and the Jewish Autonomous Region (0.2%). In Moscow, the Moscow Region, Kabardino-Balkaria, the Ivanovo, Smolensk, Lipetsk and Kirov regions the growth rate was 0.3%.

The number of coronavirus recoveries over the past 24 hours has increased by 3,420 to 653,593, the anti-coronavirus crisis center told reporters on Monday. Having recovered, 842 patients were discharged in Moscow, 206 - in the Khabarovsk Region, 205 - in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area, 197 - in the Moscow Region, and 147 - in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region in one day.

As of now, a total of 188,464 coronavirus patients are undergoing treatment in Russia.

The number of COVID-19 fatalities over the past 24 hours increased by 79 compared to 70 deaths recorded a day earlier, including 13 deaths in Moscow, six - in St. Petersburg, the Novosibirsk Region, and the Krasnoyarsk Region each, and five fatalities in the Tula Region. In all, 14,207 people have died, the anti-coronavirus crisis center reported.

According to the crisis center, fatalities account for 1.66% of all COVID-19 patients in Russia.


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