Russia's Rostelecom repels cyber attacks on largest banks

Russia's Rostelecom repels cyber attacks on largest banks

Russian telecom giant Rostelecom has thwarted cyber attacks on the five largest banks and financial institutions in the country, which were recorded on December 5, the company said in a statement.

“The analysis of the attack sources carried out by Rostelecom specialists revealed that the traffic was generated from the home routers of users who are usually referred to IoT devices,” the director of the Cybersecurity Center for Rostelecom, Muslim Medzhlumov, said.

A distinctive feature of the attacks was that they were organized with the help of devices that support the CWMP Management Protocol (TR-069), RT reports.

Few weeks ago, "a serious vulnerability was revealed in the implementation of this protocol on a number of devices from different manufacturers, which allows attackers to organize DDoS-attacks," Medzhlumov recalled. 

The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) reported earlier that it had received intelligence of foreign intelligence services preparing large-scale cyber-attacks in Russia in the period starting from December 5, 2016, aimed at destabilizing Russia’s financial system and the activities of a number of major Russian banks.


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