Russia's political and cultural figures congratulate Mehriban Aliyeva on her birthday

Russia's political and cultural figures congratulate Mehriban Aliyeva on her birthday

Today is the birthday of First Vice President of Azerbaijan, First Lady of the Republic and President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Mehriban Aliyeva. Speaking with the correspondents of Vestnik Kavkaza, Russian political and cultural figures congratulated Mehriban Aliyeva on her birthday.

Director of the Multimedia Art Museum Olga Sviblova wished Mehriban health, strength, happiness and new plans. "It is difficult to overestimate the huge contribution of Mehriban Aliyeva, including as the President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation. Her activities are internationally known both in the neighboring countries and in non-CIS countries," Olga Sviblova said, stressing that Mehriban Aliyeva still has many achievements ahead.

Deputy chairman of the Federation Council of Russia Ilyas Umakhanov said that Mehriban Aliyeva pays great attention to the development of Russian-Azerbaijani relations, in particular, through the Humanitarian Forum in Baku. "Her visit to Russia last year was a beautiful sign of Russian-Azerbaijani interregional ties. Therefore, I have great respect for Mehriban Aliyeva and I know that she treats us with the same respect. Therefore, I congratulate Mehriban Aliyeva on her birthday, I am sure our relations will continue to develop," Ilyas Umakhanov said.

President of the Eurasian Institute of Geostrategic Research, Honored Scientist of Russia, Professor, Doctor of Historical Sciences Evgeny Bazhanov stressed that Mehriban Aliyeva is an outstanding statesperson. "The activities of Mehriban Aliyeva both in Azerbaijan and beyond its borders can only be assessed positively. And I want to wish her good health, I want her to stay beautiful, active and energetic to successfully pursue the Azerbaijani leadership's policy, including in relation to Russia," Yevgeny Bazhanov said.

Deputy head of the Council of the Russian Diplomats Association Andrei Baklanov drew attention to Mehriban Aliyeva's professionalism in the international arena. "I am also very impressed by her special attention to Russia. Showing how close our peoples and our cultures are by personal example is a very important and significant phenomenon. In all this, Mehriban Aliyeva'a role is very, very great. I like her position on the fact that knowing the Russian language and doing something pleasant for the Russian people is a historical and cultural conquest of the Azerbaijanis, the conquest of Russian hearts," Andrei Baklanov said.


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