Russia's political and cultural figures congratulate Mehriban Aliyeva on her birthday

Russia's political and cultural figures congratulate Mehriban Aliyeva on her birthday

Today is birthday of First Vice President of Azerbaijan, First Lady of the Republic and President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Mehriban Aliyeva. Speaking with the correspondents of Vestnik Kavkaza, Russian political and cultural figures congratulated Mehriban Aliyeva on her birthday.

The Adviser to the Russian President on Culture, President of International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature Vladimir Tolstoy in the first place stressed the importance of Mehriban Aliyeva's work as President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation. "I appreciate her activities very much - both university, educational programs, and cultural programs implemented under her leadership, including in Russia," he said.

"I know that excellent work is carried out for the benefit of ordinary people. These are years of great, thorough and fruitful work that lays the foundation for a long future. Mehriban Aliyeva participates in the state's affairs with great dignity as the first vice president, and at the same time - in very important humanitarian affairs. I always admire this beautiful and smart woman," the adviser to the Russian president on cultural issues said.

The director of the Institute of Contemporary International Studies, former rector of the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry Yevgeny Bazhanov stressed that the importance of Mehriban Aliyeva’s activities in Azerbaijan's international relations is universally recognized. "This is a common opinion not only in Azerbaijan and Russia, but also in the international arena as a whole - she plays an outstanding role in the foreign policy of the republic. Mehriban Aliyeva has been working as the first vice president for two years, and she has made a very big contribution to development of Azerbaijani society, especially in the field of education, youth movement and culture," he said in the first place.

"Mehriban Aliyeva is very active in the post-Soviet space, and it is no coincidence that she was awarded the Russian Order of Friendship, because her work helps to further strengthen friendly relations between Russia and Azerbaijan, develop our cultural, educational, youth and parliamentary contacts. She is one of the most notable figures in the post-Soviet space in terms of enhancing relations with Russia. Mehriban Aliyeva is also very active in other areas of Azerbaijan’s foreign policy - UNESCO, the country's main partners in the international arena, the countries of the Muslim East, Western countries, China. She celebrates this birthday, enjoying great respect and popularity in Azerbaijan, Russia and the international arena," Yevgeny Bazhanov noted.

Russia's theater and film director, artistic director of the 'Nika' award Yuli Gusman, in turn, drew attention to the fact that Mehriban Aliyeva is a multifaceted, amazing states-person and philanthropist. "She is recognized as the most beautiful first lady. We talked many times, and I always saw her smile, understanding, intelligence, kindness and absolute devotion to her homeland, Azerbaijan. It seems to me that appointing her first vice president was just a brilliant idea, not only because she is a faithful companion of the Azerbaijani president, but also because she is a great person," he said.

"She finds time for everything, starting from the tasks of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, which does a great job, to Formula 1 and the European Olympic Games. Azerbaijan is very lucky to have such a president and such a first lady. I am always proud to tell not only about the magnificent people, the stunning nature and amazing cuisine of Azerbaijan, but also about Mehriban Aliyeva, who honors the republic and people with her grace, beauty of soul and youth. I would like she has this youth, beauty and happiness for many, many years," Yuli Gusman wished.

The head of the Russian-Azerbaijani parliamentary group, State Duma Deputy Dmitry Savelyev recalled that women politicians can be counted on one hand in the East. "The more valuable is the example of Mehriban Aliyeva, who actually shows that a woman can succeed as a politician and adequately represent her country in the international arena. Mehriban Aliyeva tirelessly works to preserve the historical and cultural heritage of Azerbaijan; she managed to bring Azerbaijani gymnastics to the world stage; a lot of events of an international level have been held in the republic thanks to her efforts," he listed.

"The Heydar Aliyev Foundation led by the first lady of Azerbaijan is famous for good deeds not only in the homeland, but also in many countries. In particular, in Russia, the fund gave a second life to schools in Moscow, Ulyanovsk and Derbent, a bridge of Russian-Azerbaijani friendship was built in Astrakhan. I believe that Mehriban Aliyeva's contribution to the development of relations between our countries is worthy of being awarded the Order of Friendship, which is awarded only to truly outstanding personalities," Dmitry Savelyev said.

"I admire this stunning woman, the mother of three children, who demonstrate the image of a modern Azerbaijani woman and serves as a standard of fidelity, grace and kindness," the head of the Russia-Azerbaijan parliamentary group added.

The Rector of the Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute, People's Artist of Russia Yevgeny Knyazev, also praised Mehriban Aliyeva's efforts as president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation. "A wonderful palace of art was built in Baku, the Heydar Aliyev Center. I see that Mehriban Aliyeva is passionate about the culture of Azerbaijan, and I am glad that the republic's culture is largely connected with Russia. For example, the Yevgeny Vakhtangov Theater will go on tour to Baku soon. I wish the Fund develops for the benefit of all Azerbaijan," he said.

Popular TV presenter Dmitry Dibrov expressed admiration for Mehriban Aliyeva's professionalism. "I personally witnessed how she held an audience of the 500 most influential people in Russia rapt for 45 minutes, speaking in pure Russian, without looking at records and using statistics and an impeccable knowledge of Russian literature and history. I was absolutely thrilled," he said.

"I really like how the center of Baku has changed, how the city has become open to wonderful sporting and cultural events. This is wonderful. The capital of Azerbaijan is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, which was also the work of Mehriban Aliyeva, because she is engaged in creating a favorable image of the republic in eyes of the world community," Dmitry Dibrov added.