Russia's presidential campaign comes to an and

Russia's presidential campaign comes to an and

The pre-election presidential campaign is coming to an end with just two days to go until Russia’s presidential election on March 18.

In the most eastern regions of the Russian Federation - Kamchatka and Chukotka - Saturday will come at 15.00 Moscow time, which is the last day before the election. According to the Russian legislation, it is considered the so-called day of silence. On this day, all campaigning is prohibited in the country. It is aimed at giving a voter an opportunity to make an informed choice without any outside interference.

At the polling place, and within a circle of 50 meters from the polling place, it is prohibited to display symbols of political parties and other propaganda material. Any propaganda materials previously posted on the Internet should not be deleted. The appeals of the Russian CEC to participate in the elections are not prohibited as well.

All campaigning is also banned on the day of the voting, the restrictions will be canceled at 21.00 Moscow time, when the polling stations will be closed in the westernmost region of Russia - the Kaliningrad region. After that, the election commissions will start announcing the first results of the elections, and the sociological services - the data of their exit polls.

Today, the presidential candidates and their campaign offices will take part in the last agitation and public events preceding the election, TASS reports.

The final debate took place on March 15, and the last propaganda videos of the candidates will be broadcast by federal channels today from 6 pm to 10 pm.