Russia surprised over US bill on sanctions for 'Libyan intervention'

Russia surprised over US bill on sanctions for 'Libyan intervention'

Moscow is surprised over reports on the development of a US bill on sanctions against Russia for alleged military presence in Libya, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said during Wednesday’s briefing, TASS reports.

She reminded that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had stated on Tuesday that the US is ready to work with Russia on Libyan regulation. "Yet, there are confusing reports - though confusing doesn’t cut it anymore when we are discussing the US - on active development of another bill called the Libya Stabilization Act," she said.

"It supposes sanctions against Moscow for some alleged Russian military presence in Libya. They want to accuse Russia of military intervention, which has become the main destabilizing factor in this state," the diplomat explained.

Zakharova noted that the Russian stance on Libya remains unchanged. "Russia calls for an end to all military action and for inclusive political inter-Libyan dialogue as the only way of conflict regulation."

According to her, in this context, Russia is ready to make a significant contribution, as it maintains contact with all active political forces.


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