Russia suspends passenger railway service with China

Russia suspends passenger railway service with China

Russian Railways has fully suspended passenger service with China starting February 3 due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus-induced pneumonia, the company said.

"In conformity with a letter by Chief State Sanitary Inspector in charge of railway transport of the Russian Federation with the aim of preventing possible proliferation of the novel coronavirus infection into the territory of the Russian Federation passenger railway service with China will be temporarily suspended starting 12:01 a.m. Moscow time on February 3, 2020," the statement said.

"The direct train between Moscow and Beijing that set off from Moscow on February 1 will terminate in Zabaikalsk," TASS cited the company as saying.

Regular passenger flights performed by Russian and Chinese airlines, including commercial ones, between Russia and China were also suspended starting February 1. Exceptions are regular flights between Moscow and Beijing, Moscow and Shanghai, Moscow and Guangzhou, Moscow and Hong Kong.