Russia to defend World Cup stadiums against drone attack

Russia to defend World Cup stadiums against drone attack

Russia's military reportedly plans to deploy electronic warfare assets to protect World Cup stadiums from potential drone attacks this summer.

Russia’s National Guard said that it will use video surveillance drones to detect unruly fans in crowds at the June 14-July 15 championship.

Russian General Staff chief General Valery Gerasimov ordered troops to field anti-drone defense capabilities at the World Cup, a Russian Defense Ministry source told the RBC business outlet.

Moscow will be outfitted with four land-based units with the potential to disrupt enemy drones, while St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg will receive three each, the unnamed Defense Ministry source said.

The source also told RBC that the Federal Security Service (FSB) will deploy 60 of its own mobile drone-jamming units, the Moscow Times reported.

Russia has set up dozens of no-flight zones and other air space restrictions for the coming months. These cover not only the stadiums and 11 host cities but also training grounds and hotels that will be used by the 32 participating national teams.

But operating a drone will be illegal within around 100 kilometres of any of the 11 host cities. Drone flights over Moscow are permanently banned.


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