Russia to develop partnership with East


Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said at the XVII World Congress of Russian Press today that Russia will keep developing partnerships with countries of the East. He noted that the sanctions encouraged Russia to activate cooperation with Asian states, for example, signing the free trade agreement with Vietnam. 40 other countries are negotiating similar deals, he said. Medvedev added that fixing the partnership between the Eurasian Union and the Asia-Pacific Region was an exceptionally important course.

Fyodor Lukyanov, editor-in-chief of the Russia in Global Affairs magazine, said that the turn to the East was predictable for Russia and the sanctions only stimulated the turn. He reminded that Asia was becoming the world highlight. The editor-in-chief noted that Russia should balance relations with the East and the West.

Vladimir Jabarov, senator, deputy head of the Federation Council Committee for International Affairs, opined that Russian-Chinese relations were in the spotlight. He echoed Lukyanov that the sanctions incentivised intensified development of relations with China.

Ingush Minister of Economic Development Beksultan Buzurtanov stated that delegations from China had visited Ingushetia several times. They are mostly interested in using advanced technologies for oil extraction, which has been ongoing for over a century. China is also willing to grow ginseng in Russia, to open a commercial and logistical center and to offer small and medium-sized business technological equipment.

According to Buzurtanov, Turkey is another strategic partner of Russia. A delegation of the Association of Russian-Turkish Business has visited Ingushetia recently. Turkey can develop cooperation in the field of construction materials and innovative technologies, the minister clarifies.


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