Russia wins gold and silver medals in rhythmic gymnastics


Russian gymnasts Yana Kudryavtseva and Margarita Mamun won the gold and silver medals in the individual all-round events in rhythmic gymnastics at the First European Games in Baku.

Yana Kudryavtseva gained the highest score of 76,100 points and Margarita Mamun scored a total of 75,650 points, performing with the ribbon, clubs, ball and hoop. The bronze medal was won by Melitina Staniouta from Belarus (72,750 points).

Azerbaijani gymnasts Marina Durunda and Ayshan Bayramova took 8th and 15th places respectively, gaining 69,850 and 66,400 points. It should be noted that the judges invariably underestimated the complexity of their performances – only Marina Durunda's hoop exercise was assessed at 9, all the other performances received less than 8.6, and the complexity of Ayshan Bayramova's performance with the ball and ribbon, according to referees, was less than 8 points.

However, Marina Durunda reached the finals of individual rhythmic gymnastics competitions in three disciplines: ball, hoop and ribbon.

Bronze medalist in the all-round competition was Melitina Stanyuta, Anna Rizatdinova (Ukraine) and Salome Pazhava (Georgia) took 4th and 5th places in today's competition, reaching all four finals.

Israeli gymnast Neta Rivkin, who took 9th place, will compete for medals in the exercises with hoop, ball and ribbon, and Nicole Rupprecht (Austria) and Nevyana Vladinova (Bulgaria) will compete for medals in the exercises with clubs.