Russian Envoy explains NATO's mechanism of demonizing Russia

Russian Envoy explains NATO's mechanism of demonizing Russia

NATO stops at nothing trying to demonize Russia and justify its policy of containment, the Russian envoy to NATO Alexander Grushko said.

He recalled that NATO is turning to a policy of containing Russia, which is hatching some aggressive plans. "That is why one needs any scary stories that would prove such a demonic image of our country," Grushko said, adding that many media reports and leaks regarding Russia's ability to take over the Baltic states in the matter of hours were prompted by this policy.

The envoy also raised doubts about the validity of some of other concerns of the alliance, including the deployment of the Iskander-M mobile missile systems in Russia's western exclave of Kaliningrad.

"In fact if we return to the issue of cause and effect, Russia did not move anywhere, it was NATO that moved its own borders to Russia, including moving closer to the reach of our military means. And now they are expressing the concern about the fact that some parts of the NATO territory were in the affected area," Sputnik cited Grushko as saying.

The envoy noted that nothing dramatic was going on as plans to re-equip missile troops with the Iskanders had been announced a long time ago.

"I will stress once again that this is an attempt to demonize Russia and the Iskander is used as one of the scary stories," Grushko concluded.