Russian Football Union unveils variants of football reform

Russian Football Union unveils variants of football reform

The Russian Football Union (RFU) has unveiled variants of reforming the system of Russian football, the RFU press service said in a statement.

"What to we expect from the new pyramid? More games, more encounters between direct rivals in the chart and nearly total removal of empty games that decide nothing - every team, at almost every period of the season should be highly motivated. A reform of this kind will raise interest in matches, especially during the second half of the season," the statement says.

"Changing one element will cause other elements to change very quickly. By changing the format and raising the attractiveness of each game, we will increase our average audience. This, in turn, will increase revenues. Additional revenues will allow a club to invest more in further development, and this circle begins again," TASS cited the statement as saying,.

"That is how, by introducing one basic change - a change in the format, we can improve the entire system," the Russian Football Union said.