Russian President thanks Europe for sanctions

Russian President thanks Europe for sanctions

Russian President Vladimir Putin thanked Europe for the sanctions imposed on Russia, in particular in agriculture, and underscored the positive effect for the country from the introduced countermeasures and import substitution.

"Thanks to the Europeans for sanctions in agriculture. <...> For sanctions in general, but we introduced countermeasures related to agriculture, invested the appropriate resources, by the way, not only in agriculture, but also in the import substitution in this industry. And I should say, the effect is good. I had a feeling of anxiety first, I do not hide it, but the overall effect is very good, "Putin said on Thursday, speaking at a meeting of the Valdai International Club.

Putin noted that Russia is increasing food supplies to the world market.

"The export of our foodstuffs has already exceeded $25 billion. I have said this many times already, and I want to thank our agricultural producers once again. They did a good job, first of all," the President said.