Russian State Duma to analyze wildfire situation

Russian State Duma to analyze wildfire situation

The Russian State Duma's working group will analyze the wildfire situation on August 5.

The Russian Defense Ministry’s special aviation group has joined the firefighting effort to prevent the blazes sweeping across Russia’s Krasnoyarsk Region from spreading further, a source in the ministry told Izvestia, adding that the endeavors have helped fend off the wildfires thanks to Ilyushin Il-76 aircraft dousing the blazes.

"The military has been tasked with stopping the spread of the blazes to other parts of wooded areas and localizing small fires," the paper’s interlocutor said. The latter confirmed that military aviation planned to cope with key hotspots within the next five days.

Currently, the Russian Emergencies Ministry’s task force in Siberia and the Far Eastern Region includes more than 2,800 people and 390 pieces of equipment, the ministry’s press service said. According to the Emergencies Ministry, six aircraft and five helicopters are working hard to put out the raging forest fires.

"Mobile air groups of the Emergencies Ministry’s main directorates for the Far Eastern and Siberian Federal Districts, which have the necessary equipment and gear, are on high alert," TASS cited the press service as saying.

Experts will be able to assess the damage inflicted by the forest fires only after they are extinguished, the press service of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment told the paper. Images from space satellites will be used for the purpose, it added.


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