Russian embassy criticizes UK position on Kerch Strait standoff

Russian embassy criticizes UK position on Kerch Strait standoff

The United Kingdom and some other Western countries seek to use Kiev’s provocation in the Kerch Strait to stir up anti-Russian rhetoric, a press officer at the Russian Embassy in London said in a statement.

"Unfortunately, the Ukrainian provocation in the Black Sea, as well as the general situation in the region, continues to be used by a number of Western countries, including the UK, to stir up anti-Russian rhetoric. The details of the incident, most notably the blatant and deliberate violation of the territorial waters of the Russian Federation by the Ukrainian ships, are ignored by the UK government," the statement reads.

"The Ukrainians rejected an offer of pilotage and were treacherously heading into the Kerch Strait from the south. Two officers of the Ukrainian security service present aboard one of the ships, later admitted they had a special task to act the way they did," the statement added..

"London contributes to Kiev’s aggressive attitude by announcing the deployment of additional contingents of military instructors to Ukraine and, according to the BBC, groups of military propagandists from the British 77th Brigade," TASS cited the press officer as saying.

The Russian embassy also expressed regret "that Kiev’s confrontational policy, which contradicts regional and international security interests, is supported by the UK Conservative Government, which uses every opportunity, however absurd, to maintain ‘pressure’ on Russia."