Russian envoy: US, Russia must revive communication on strategic stability

Russian envoy: US, Russia must revive communication on strategic stability

The deteriorating relations between the United States and Russia are worsening international security and weakening efforts to reduce nuclear arsenals, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov said, Sputnik reported.

"The current relations between Russia and the United States struggle through the worst times. Historians, politicians, political scientists cannot recall any other time when our relations were in such a miserable state," Antonov said. "Other countries, international peace and security all suffer because of this. The worse the US-Russia relations get, the worse the situation concerning security as well as nuclear arsenals’ reduction and limitation in the world becomes."

Antonov emphasized that Russia and the United States bear a special responsibility for maintaining global peace and security as they are the world’s biggest nuclear powers and permanent members on the UN Security Council.

"I would like to remind you that the positive outcomes of Soviet- and Russia-US negotiations always had a positive impact on disarmament in other areas," Antonov said.

Moreover, the United States and Russia are currently in visa war with each other, Antonov said. "In my mind, we have a visa war between the United States and the Russian Federation," Antonov said on Friday. "We have so many problems but again I would like to say — and I have confirmed it many times at the State Department and the White House — that we are ready to stop this visa war."