Russian gas pipeline via Greece is economic project

 Russian gas pipeline via Greece is economic project

Greece is determined to implement a project on the delivery of Russian natural gas to Europe, an adviser to the Greek Prime Minister, Dimitris Velanis, said. 

The gas pipeline from Russia to Europe through Greece is purely an economic project, he added. 

Noting the 160 billion cubic meters Europe bought from Russia last year, Velanis voiced confidence that Athens would find common ground with the European Commission and other EU bodies, and affirmed that European energy security cannot exist without Russia. 

"We will go forward with the implementation of the project, and Europe knows it. We support the supply of energy resources from all sources, but sources in Russia cannot be excluded from this process. That is our position," the adviser stressed. 

"Let the parties compete with each other and let those win, which are more profitable for economy. I think only economy will finally settle this dispute," Sputnik cited Dmitris Velanis as saying.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich met with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Saturday to discuss the prospective construction project. Greece will support the Burgas-Alexandroupoli pipeline project stretching from the Black Sea to the Aegean if the talks on the issue would be renewed, he said. 

"Bulgaria stopped a perfect Burgas-Alexandroupoli oil pumping project, with a capacity from 30 to 50 million tonnes per year. That could have eased the situation in the transportation of oil in the southern part of the Mediterranean Sea. It was stopped abruptly and it is possible to say, on political grounds. This project once again is being discussed by different parties, and we will support this project," he noted.


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