World celebrates International Women's Day

World celebrates International Women's Day

Today (March 8) is globally celebrated as the International Women's day. On this occasion, Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent out his greetings and noted women’s ability to be successful at work and in the family and wished them good health and happiness.

"Our women’s ability to achieve success is remarkable. You manage to cope with everything at work and take care of the family. Your love unites, encourages, supports, consoles makes us feel warm."

"You are destined to go the whole way of creating new life - the miracle of childbirth. This great happiness of motherhood and child-rearing transfigures this world, fills it with kindness, gentleness and sympathy and asserts the traditional values that have always made Russia strong," Putin said, TASS reports.

"We shall be always indebted to you," Putin said in his address to the women of the nation. "This is true of each of us and of the state in general, which remains obliged to do so much for the sake of those who spare no effort in rearing their children.

The Russian leader emphasized women’s immeasurable emotional generosity.

"True, it is a gift of nature, but you, dear women, multiply this gift a hundred times with your attitude to work and your dear ones," he said.

"You are reliable co-workers and managers of great responsibility. You are capable of feeling the subtlest nuances and taking a competent and creative attitude to any undertaking," Putin said. "It is hard to imagine the history and development of our country without the creative contribution of the great women of Russia. These days there are no professional heights you are unable to achieve."

On behalf of all men Putin acknowledged that sometimes it was not easy at all to be worthy of women’s expectations.

"But we will seek this and do everything in our powers to let the women feel our strong and reliable shoulder they can always rely on and remember that we appreciate them all year round, and not just on holidays," he promised.


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