Russian official: new infections will emerge in the future

Russian official: new infections will emerge in the future

New infections will also emerge in the future, therefore, we should learn to protect from them and prevent their spread among populations, head of Russia’s consumer watchdog Anna Popova said.

"New infections are there and have been there. Today it is [the coronavirus infection] that came. Other ones are likely to be there. We changed the world around as so much, we migrate so quickly, we claim new territories so fast by cutting down forests and baring new viruses, so to speak, depriving them of their ordinary life and forcing them to act in new directions, sometimes directing them straight at people," Popova said.

The new technological paradigm, new opportunities of synthetic biology when the virus can be assembled almost in a garage, it all points to the fact that there are risks and they will only grow," TASS cited her as saying.

Popova underlined that it is vital to learn how to protect us from them and stop viruses from infiltrating populations. "This is our key task, and we now have new knowledge about how to do it," the official concluded.


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