Russia urges U.S. to lift anti-Iran sanctions

Russia urges U.S. to lift anti-Iran sanctions

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the United States is taking deliberate actions that hamper Iran’s measures to tackle the novel coronavirus outbreak.

"Iranian President Hassan Rouhani recently said that along with the $200-billion damage already dealt to the economy of the country, the May 2018 unilateral US sanctions, imposed within the framework of the maximum pressure campaign, pose a serious obstacle to efficient measures against the infection," the statement reads. 

The Russian ministry believes that the reason behind the numerous fatalities in Iran is not only the infection itself, but also the fact that the U.S. is hindering efforts to counter it. 

"We strongly call upon the United States to face the truth and make the much-needed decision to immediately lift the sanctions that directly affect fundamental human rights in Iran," TASS cited the statement as saying.


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