Russians travel to Georgia through Azerbaijan, Turkey and Armenia

Russians travel to Georgia through Azerbaijan, Turkey and Armenia

Russians who want to travel to Georgia do it through Azerbaijan, Turkey and Armenia, the same countries are chosen as an alternative to Georgia, general director of Biletix Igor Konstantinov said, speaking with the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza.

"Passengers who still want to travel to Georgia have an opportunity to use connecting flights to Tbilisi. The most popular routes are through Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia. These countries have convenient connecting flights both from Russia to Georgia and in the opposite direction," he said.

Igor Konstantinov added that the route to Georgia can be include more distant countries. "Strangely enough, flights through the Baltic countries and Belarus are popular. That is, passengers still have an opportunity to arrive in Georgia by air, they just need to find a comfortable flight connection at an intermediate airport," the general director of Biletix noted.

He also noted the growing interest in traveling to Azerbaijan and Armenia this summer. "We see that Azerbaijan also has a very high culture and very strong ties with Russia - tourism, working trips, business, family ties and so on. This direction is very popular, it is clearly seen from the high commercial loading of airlines traveling between these destinations," Igor Konstantinov said.

According to the expert, the majority of those who refused from spending vacations in Georgia will go to Turkey. "Prices for holiday in Georgia and Turkey are the same, the level of service, infrastructure and nature are comparable. In addition to Turkey, we expect that the organized tourist flow will be redistributed to domestic Russian destinations, Montenegro and Cyprus," the general director of Biletix said.

In Russia, in turn, the Caucasian resorts will remain popular. "Mineral waters and all the resorts in the Caucasus are popular, as before. I think the situation with Georgia will encourage the number of tourists who stay in the country," he concluded.