Rustavi 2 TV channel holds protest rally in Tbilisi

Rustavi 2 TV channel holds protest rally in Tbilisi

Tbilisi-based, private broadcasting company Rustavj 2 is holding a protest really in central Tbilisi this afternoon. TV channel staff, Rustavi 2 supporters and opposition politicians gathered in front of the parliament building at 2.30pm, reports.

A case concerning the ownership of the TV channel is currently being reviewed by the Supreme Court. Rally organizers say that they suspect the justices of the Supreme Court have been subject to pressure from the government, and for that reason a verdict against the TV channel is expected.

The crowd was first addressed by Deputy Director and Rustavi 2 anchor Zaal Udumashvili. Udumashvili’s address was followed by speeches by other anchors and leaders of the TV channel. Prior to the rally, Rustavi 2 resumed programming that the TV channel had suspended late on Friday night in protest. Currently the channel has returned to normal broadcasting.

Due to the rally, Rustaveli Ave in central Tbilisi had been closed to vehicles since 2pm this afternoon. Free movement has fully restored by 4.45pm.