SCO official: Russia can cope with any sanctions

SCO official: Russia can cope with any sanctions

Russia will cope with any sanctions, the Secretary General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), Rashid Alimov, said.

He stressed that the policy of sanctions was doomed and it was wielding impact on the economies of the countries that had introduced the restrictions.

In this connection, he recalled that the countries of Central Asia were among the main suppliers of vegetables and fruit to Russia.

Alimov cited the data from the Uzbek authorities that testifies to a steep growth of exports to Russia. "These means we have big resources," TASS cited him as saying.

"We’re not afraid of anything at all. We are moving in step with the time. Nations feel confident within the framework of this community," Alimov, who had come to New York to take part in a high-profile conference on the UN and SCO’s struggle with contemporary challenges and threats, stressed.

According to him, this assuredness is based on the SCO Charter and on the legal groundwork, which the SCO member-states formed over the fifteen years since the foundation of the organization.


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