Saakashvili claims Ukraine's Klimkin has Russian citizenship

Saakashvili claims Ukraine's Klimkin has Russian citizenship

Former Georgian President and former head of Odesa Regional Administration Mikheil Saakashvili claims that Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin has Russian citizenship.

"Instead of doing his job, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Klimkin is for days on end calling all countries I have visited or plan to visit with complaints," Saakashvili said on his Facebook page..According to him, Pavlo Klimkin is not ethnically Ukrainian but Russian, who was born in Russia. "As far as I understand, has citizenship there and speaks Ukrainian worse than I do," Saakashvili  noted.

"Mr. Poroshenko, here is another candidate for you to deprive of citizenship after you make enough use of his services," Interfax cited Saakashvili as saying.

Earlier, first deputy chief of the Ukrainian State Border Service Vasyl Servatiuk warned that if Saakashvili attempted to cross into Ukraine, border guards would seize his Ukrainian passport and bar him from entering Ukrainian territory.