Satellite imagery shows S-300 missile in U.S.

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Satellite images recently surfaced online after military enthusiasts discovered the installations which appeared to show elements of the Soviet-designed S-300PT system located at a U.S. military range.

The military site Defence Blog discussed their authenticity and possible reasons such Soviet missiles would be located at a U.S. military range.

"A 30N6 fire control system and semi-trailer arrangements of 5P85 Transporter Erector Launchers (TEL) have been seen in satellite imagery of the U.S. military range. All these vehicles are part of the S-300PT surface-to-air missile system. S-300PТ system is designed for the defensive purpose of administrative, industrial and military buildings and objects against all kind air attacks," the Defence Blog analysis says.

Likely such Russian systems are obtained by the US Department of Defense via partner former Soviet countries like Ukraine.


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