Second attempt to elect Armenian prime minister to be make on May 8

Second attempt to elect Armenian prime minister to be make on May 8

Members of the Armenian parliament will hold another special session on May 8 at 12:00 (11:00 MSK) to elect a prime minister, Parliament Speaker Ara Babloyan said.

Yesterday, Armenia’s parliament held a special session to elect a new prime minister. Opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan, nominated by the Elk parliamentary faction, was the only candidate. However, only 45 parliament members voted in his favor, while he needed to receive at least 53 votes to become prime minister. Under Armenia’s legislation, in case parliament members fail to elect a prime minister, another round of voting should be held within seven days. If the second attempt also fails, the parliament must be dissolved.

Protests resumed in Armenia this morning after the parliament rejected opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan as the prime minister. His supporters broke into the buildings of mayor’s offices in Gyumri and Maralik. 

Protests against the election of former President Serzh Sargsyan as Armenia's Prime Minister have started on April 13. The opposition accused Sargsyan, who was twice elected president, of poor governance and deterioration of economic situation in the country. Despite the protests, the Armenian Parliament elected Sargsyan as Head of the Cabinet on the same day. On April 23, Sargsyan resigned amid continuing protests.


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