Shoigu hopes Russia's participation in full-scale war out of question

Shoigu hopes Russia's participation in full-scale war out of question

 Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu expressed hope in an interview released Sunday that Russia's participation in a full-scale war was out of question, Sputnik reports.

"I hope that a full-scale war is out of question today. All the risks and consequences that such a full-scale war entails are obvious to everyone," Shoigu told the Moskovskij Komsomolets newspaper when asked about the probability of Russia's participation in a full-scale armed conflict in the near future.

At the same time, the number of threats to Russia is not decreasing, Shoigu noted.

According to the defense minister, the main threat to Russia is the US belief in its power superiority and as a result, the ability to take unreasonable steps.

"When you are aware of your vulnerability and when you are interested in maintaining balance and universal equal security, it makes you turn your head on.

And when you think, as the United States continues to believe by inertia, that a balance of power has developed in your favor, a variety of ideas may come to your head, including unreasonable ones. In this situation I see now the main threat, and not only for Russia," Shoigu explained.

The minister believes that at the current level of informatization and automation, there is a high probability of errors in the weapons control system. That is why, according to him, the issues of ensuring information security have come to the forefront.

Shoigu concluded that the world has become more unpredictable and less secure, including due to the fact that Washington withdrew from two important nuclear arms control treaties.


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