Iranian parliament attacked by terrorists

Iranian parliament attacked by terrorists

Four gunmen stormed the Iranian parliament this morning leaving eight persons injured and holding terrified bystanders hostage.

Security staff were locked in a shootout with the suspect in the Tehran government building, according to reports.

Iranian news agencies Fars and Mehr said a guard was shot in the leg by one gunman, however, a senior MP, Elyas Hazrati, earlier said three assailants had attacked parliament, carrying two Kalashnikov rifles and a handgun.

"Clashes still continue at the parliament building," he said.

"A person entered Iranian parliament today and started shooting at the guards. He shot one of the guards in the leg and ran away," the agencies reported on their telegram feeds.

State TV said one of the attackers was killed by security guards and that a woman was arrested following the shrine attack. Two other attackers were apprehended by police.

ISIS terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the armed attacks committed on the Iranian parliament and the Imam Khomeini mausoleum, the Fars news agency reported.

An armed man also opened fire at the Mausoleum of Ayatollah Khomeini in southern Tehran at 10:00am (MSK) and wounded a number of people, the AFP reported.

One of the attackers who targeted Khomeini's tomb was a woman. She blew herself at the famous shrine, says reports from local media.

Another attacker at the Khomeini shrine dead. Reports say he killed himself by consuming cyanide.


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