Sigmar Gabriel: only Germany responsible for Holocaust

Sigmar Gabriel: only Germany responsible for Holocaust

Germany’s foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel said that Germany and only Germany was responsible for the Holocaust as it sought to reassure Poland that Berlin would condemn distortions of history such as descriptions of Nazi camps in occupied Poland as “Polish concentration camps.”

"This organized mass murder was carried out by our country and no one else. Individual collaborators change nothing about that," Gabriel said.

"We are convinced that only carefully appraising our own history can bring reconciliation. That includes people who had to experience the intolerable suffering of the Holocaust being able to speak unrestrictedly about this suffering," the Times of Israel cited him as saying.

The lower house of parliament approved the legislation on January 26. The Senate gave its approval on Thursday. President Andrzej Duda has three weeks to sign or veto it; he has so far indicated that he supports it.


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