Smog in Tehran affects health of city's residents

Smog in Tehran affects health of city's residents

The worst air pollution in Tehran for three years could cause death indirectly, affecting the health of residents of the Iranian capital, spokesman of Iran's emergency services Mojtaba Khaledi said.

The Air Quality Index in Tehran reached 159, which is over three times higher than the World Health Organization recommends (50). The index in the northeast district of the city reached the level of 238, RIA Novosti reports.

Tehran schools and nurseries were closed for 20 days due to high air pollution.

"There have been no deaths from pollution directly, but it possibly increases heart attack and stroke risk," Khalidi said.

The number of applications to physicians has increased 20% in comparison with the previous month.

A meteorologist Joseph Asgari said that there are some causes of the pollution, but the main one is associated with the exhaust gases from automotive vehicles, the number of which exceeds 6 million. "The problem is complicated by the geographical location of Tehran, which is surrounded by mountains," he added.


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