Soslan Ramonov: continuity of generations makes Caucasian fighters champions

Soslan Ramonov: continuity of generations makes Caucasian fighters champions

The high levels of skill in wrestling in the North Caucasus is explained by the continuity of generations, when famous wrestlers train together with young athletes, the Russian Olympic champion in freestyle wrestling, who won the highest award at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in the weight category under 65 kg, Soslan Ramonov, said in an interview with Vestnik Kavkaza in the sidelines of the press conference of representatives of the Russian Wrestling Federation.

"All our famous athletes train practically next to young athletes. You look at them and automatically join the process," he said.

"There is a strong competition, which is bringing champions," Ramonov added. According to him, the affordability of wrestling also plays its role.

Ramonov also shared his impressions of his rival in the final battle in Rio de Janeiro, Azerbaijani wrestler Togrul Askerov. "I have known him for a long time. Askerov is a very strong wrestler, Olympic champion, he is very interesting both as a fighter and as a person," the champion said.

The wrestler said that he has worked toward the Olympic gold his entire life. "It is a special feeling when you stand on top of a podium. Not everyone had a chance to feel it, and therefore it is special. I wish to every athlete to experience this feeling," Soslan Ramonov concluded.

During the press conference the President of the Russian Wrestling Federation, Olympic champion and three-time world and European champion, Mikhail Mamiashvili, expressed gratitude to those who supported Russian wrestlers who fought for medals in Rio de Janeiro. He recalled that three Russian athlete first became Olympic champions for the first time.

The head coach of the Russian national freestyle wrestling team, Dzhambolat Tedeyev, noticed that the wrestlers were in the very difficult conditions, when they didn't know whether they will be admitted to the competitions. "And now we are the first in the team standings in our discipline," he stressed.

The head coach of the Russian Greco-Roman wrestling national team, Gogi Koguashvili, said that the Russian athletes showed a good fight. "But we must make sure we don't repeat the mistakes at the next competitions. We have a very promising young team in Greco-Roman wrestling," he said.

The world champion in Greco-Roman wrestling Davit Chakvetadze (85 kg) said that the competition were not easy. "It was hard, but we were well prepared and were able to win," the athlete explained.

Soslan Ramonov said that the competitions were held in the same breath.

Athletes appreciated the conditions created by the organizers in Rio de Janeiro.

"The conditions were very good. I have no complaints, everything was at the highest level. All the athletes are very friendly and should support each other," Davit Chakvetadze said.

"The conditions were good. Differences in policy do not affect sports. There is nothing negative between us, we have warm relations," Soslan Ramonov noted.

Commenting on the ban of the Russian team from the Paralympics, the athletes and coaches strongly condemned the decision made by the international organizations.

"It is so wrong. It is a crime to deprive a person of his dream. I am incredibly sorry for them," Soslan Rakhmonov said.

"I cannot imagine how they feel. Why?! I'm very upset," Davit Chakvetadze noted.