Student who threw egg at Macron in psychiatric treatment

Student who threw egg at Macron in psychiatric treatment

A 19-year-old student who threw an egg at French President Emmanuel Macron has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital after a medical exam, prosecutors said Tuesday.

The egg hit Macron on the shoulder as he milled with a crowd at an international food fair in Lyon on Monday. It bounced off without breaking.

The man was detained, and an investigation was opened for “assault on a person in a position of public authority," Lyon prosecutors said. He wasn't previously known to police, ABC news reported.

The student underwent a psychiatric evaluation which determined an "absence of discernment and need for hospitalization," the prosecutor's office said in a statement Tuesday.

Macron was slapped in the face during a similar crowd event in June. Like other French presidents, he enjoys spending time meeting with the public, especially as campaigning heats up for France's presidential election in April. Macron hasn't yet announced his candidacy but is expected to do so.


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